Imagine A Day...

A trading heart of our city

Belfast is confident.

We believe the city should build with vision, confident in its identity and future. The city needs exemplar workspaces to attract the large business of tomorrow. This doesn't mean demolishing what's old, or pushing out what's small and growing. We have a confident vision for bringing both together in a new city block in the Smithfield area. Building Blocks is our working title. We want your input on this vision and invite you to 'imagine a day...'



We feel consultation is too often half-hearted. We don't believe in doing things by halves or without heart, passion and enjoyment. It's a privilege and responsibility to rebuild a piece of this city. We want to set out a confident vision, but not impose it. Everyone who uses and loves this city needs to have a voice.

We've reimagined the Butcher's Building, on the corner of Gresham and North St, as a showcase for our vision. We hope you can join us there in September.

  • Thanks for your contribution. If you are able to join us at The Butcher's Building on North St for the consultation events we'd love to hear more. Patrick, Ashley, Theo.

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