Be bold to Save the Old

We need to join some dots...

Building Blocks sets out a vision for what the Smithfield area of Belfast could be like.

Since last September we’ve been inviting you to “Imagine a Day...”

Building Blocks is a bold approach in two ways;

+ It’s a large scale and confident development with a vision to act as a catalyst for wider inclusive change in the area by re-creating an eco-system of business, from small to large, local independents to multinationals, across all sectors.

+ It’s also a proposal that retains the character of the area and all the heritage buildings; those listed as well as not, those in reasonable repair as well as those beyond economic repair. We’ve suggested those spaces should be used for small-scale businesses, start-ups, artist and maker studios at an affordable rent.

We’ve asked a group of local entrepreneurs, creatives and social enterprise advocates to help guide what business should be in those spaces and what’s a viable and fair rent for them.

Saving the heritage assets and the new development are intrinsically linked. One will support the other; one pays for the other. We’re ready to invest in bringing the old buildings back to life and offering them for affordable rents but to do this we need the support of the community. We need you to share with friends, neighbours and visitors the exciting vision for the wider area.

So if we are to realise the wider vision of saving the OLD red-brick terraces that represent the history and heart of Smithfield we need the link to our BOLD vision for a new development to be embraced.

We can’t deliver on one without the other.

Our consultation is on-going, your thoughts are still welcomed. We still invite you to “Imagine a Day…”, to join the dots, and to help shape a vibrant future for Smithfield.

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Imagine A Day...

A trading heart of our city

Belfast is confident.

We believe the city should build with vision, confident in its identity and future. The city needs exemplar workspaces to attract the large business of tomorrow. This doesn't mean demolishing what's old, or pushing out what's small and growing. We have a confident vision for bringing both together in a new city block in the Smithfield area. Building Blocks is our working title. We want your input on this vision and invite you to 'imagine a day...'



We feel consultation is too often half-hearted. We don't believe in doing things by halves or without heart, passion and enjoyment. It's a privilege and responsibility to rebuild a piece of this city. We want to set out a confident vision, but not impose it. Everyone who uses and loves this city needs to have a voice.

We've reimagined the Butcher's Building, on the corner of Gresham and North St, as a showcase for our vision. We hope you can join us there in September.

  • Thanks for your contribution. If you are able to join us at The Butcher's Building on North St for the consultation events we'd love to hear more. Patrick, Ashley, Theo.

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